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Bozeman Community

Apr 22 2022

Selling a home in Today’s Real Estate Market

Our real estate agents at bozehome + Co. Real Estate are here to procure you the best price available when selling a home, period. Modern advertising, design, staging, and cutting edge technology. We do not overpromise, and we do not underdeliver. The current real estate market leaves little room for ...
Buying a home

Oct 22 2020

Buying A Home in Bozeman Montana Today

The time has come, time to lay down your claim and start the process of buying a home. This process is purposefully intimidating, and this should not be. Plan in advance set your sight on a goal and you can achieve it, no matter your standing. It's time to not ...
Bozeman Real Estate

Jul 10 2020

The Bozeman Real Estate Forecast

Fear can wreak havoc upon a real estate market. If you understand this fear, you may be able to forecast the future of Bozeman Real Estate. Where are Bozeman home prices and Montana home prices trending? Here is the Bozeman Real Estate Forecast for 2020. Investors place their bets on ...
Simple home staging

May 8 2020

Repairs and Maintenance Guide, home repairs that sell

You have a very important choice to make here. The choice is between going to the bank with more bang for your buck or lighting your wallet on fire. Statistically, we can guess which option most people will choose. When choosing between home repairs that sell, and ones that don't ...

May 8 2020

Preparing a Home to Sell Fast, complete sellers guide

Preparing a home to sell can be rather intimidating, and a little crazy without the help of a professional. However, if done right our personalized home selling tips will help you put more money in your pocket while selling your home fast. This is where we come in to help ...
Bozeman Multifamily

May 7 2020

Should I buy an investment property?

If you can handle it, investment properties can be a pretty foolproof way to build net worth and invest. Buying real estate for investment purposes, however, is different than buying a house to live in. The whole idea centers around the ability to collect rent from a tenant which covers ...
move to bozeman

May 5 2020

Top 10 Reasons NOT to move to Bozeman

Here we are on the vast landscape of the internet, searching and dreaming of another life, another place to call home. During this worldwide pandemic, we have virtually journeyed to all of the corners of the world, and some of those places can virtually be quite dark. But every now ...
Bozeman Restaurants

Apr 28 2020

Top 5 Carry-Out Restaurants in Bozeman

I don’t know about you, but for the last 40 days, I’ve been longing to sit down at a table somewhere, tell someone what I’d like to eat and drink, and then wait...people-watching, chatting with my fellow diners, until it is placed in front of me.  Then, once I’ve finished, ...
Best time to sell a home in Bozeman

Apr 24 2020

April Showers, Bring May Buyers, the best month to sell a house?

Every year, every spring we hear the same thing. It's the best month to sell a house in Bozeman! And when it comes to selling a home most eager real estate agents instinctually begin yelling. "Sell Sell Sell! Better move now! Why think about it?" Therefore for several years now, ...
Quarantine in Bozeman

Apr 18 2020

QUARANTANA | quarantine in Bozeman

In this time of great uncertainty, isolation, fear, and boredom, I find comfort, strength, and gratitude in one resounding fact of my life; I live in Bozeman, Montana. QUARANTANA It’s the middle of April. Two days ago I wore shorts outside for the first time in 6 months and today I’m watching big heavy snowflakes fall outside of ...
Work from home Bozeman

Apr 15 2020

Top 10 Work from Home Views in Montana

Ever dream of leaving the congested city behind for big skies, idyllic vistas, and open-air? Are you confined to a box thinking about changing your work from home view? Now is the time to dream of leaving the congested city behind, all from the comfort of your couch. Now thanks ...
Big sky real estate market

Mar 5 2019

The Big Sky Real Estate Forecast 2019

The Big Sky real estate market is truly unique. If you understand how secondary home markets operate, you may be able to forecast the future of Big Sky Real Estate. Where are Big Sky home prices and Montana home prices trending? That's a very good question. Here is the Big ...
Bozeman Real Estate Market

Jan 26 2019

What’s the deal with the Bozeman Real Estate Market

These days it’s impossible to visit a local brewery, coffee shop, bespoke kombucha shaman, or the ever-growing lift line on a powder day without hearing it. The pains of the Bozeman real estate market have spread across the Gallatin Valley, and are now impacting other communities we once thought were ...
Bozeman Realtors

Jan 1 2019

Montana’s Six-pack of Steep Skiing

No more excuses. The mountains are layered with white, legs strong and bouncy, and you already committed the annual I-forgot-to-tune-my-skis flub. C’mon, Bridger reported 25” on Saturday! It’s go-time, and we’re serving the baddest of Montana’s best, brewed down to a list of six. Why six? Because six is “the ...
Real Estate

Dec 1 2018

The Future of Bozeman is Trails and Land

The Future of Bozeman is in it's trails and land. Anyone you meet around town can tell you a story of the moment they fell in love with the Gallatin Valley. It’s something the ones living here for generations understand very well. It’s not a magazine article, or even an ...
Interest Rates and Real Estate

Feb 2 2018

A Quick Update Regarding Interest Rates

Everyone's Talking About Interest Rates and Bozeman Home Prices, But Not For All The Right Reasons So far this year, interest rates (including mortgages) have spiked at the quickest pace since the US presidential election. They're currently at levels not seen since early 2014. It was all anyone in financial news ...
New homes for sale in Bozeman

Jan 26 2018

Modern Farmhouse 4156 Tanzanite Dr

4156 Tanzanite Drive, Bozeman Montana At last, a well appointed and utterly refined home with the look and feel of a modern farmhouse. Located across the street from a large park and quaint lake, this beautifully designed home is perfectly situated in Bozeman; surrounded by trails, parks, sports facilities, schools ...

Dec 5 2017

Finding the Perfect Home In Bozeman

Most people have a budget in mind when they begin shopping: whether for a car, clothes, or groceries.  Finding the perfect home is no different, and finding the perfect home is essential. In the likely event that home financing will be needed, we always strongly encourage that buyers obtain a ...
Gallatin Gateway Real Estate

Nov 16 2017

Gallatin Gateway Real Estate

Interested in Gallatin Gateway Real Estate? Gallatin Gateway is a historic town, originally Salesville, located about twelve miles southwest of Bozeman on the Gallatin River. It is situated at the mouth of Gallatin Canyon on picturesque US 191  leading to Big Sky Ski Resort, and Yellowstone National Park. "A River Runs ...
Bridger Bowl Ski Resort Real Estate

Nov 7 2017

Bridger Bowl Ski Resort Real Estate

Interested in Bridger Bowl Ski Resort Real Estate? It's that time of year again, and the snow is flying in mass quantities. Bridger Bowl Ski Resort is already looking really good. It's had an incredible start with recent storms... and the lifts are not even spinning yet. Let's set sights ...
Big Sky Real Estate

Nov 3 2017

Big Sky ski in- ski out Real Estate

It's that time of year again, and the snow is flying in mass quantities. Big Sky Resort is off to an incredible start with recent storms... and the lifts are not even spinning yet. Big Sky Ski In Ski Out Real Estate For Sale   Let's set sights on the ...
Bozeman Real Estate

Oct 16 2017

A Big Week in Bozeman Developments

The UDC Update and the Future of Bozeman The Bozeman City Commission |  Monday October 16 - 6:00 pm City Hall Bozeman Montana #406-59715 Continue review of Article 3 – 5 of the draft revised Chapter 38 Unified Development Code | New Bozeman Developments A matter important to the future of ...
Bridger Bowl Ski Resort Real Estate

Sep 5 2017

Montana State University

Go Cats! What would Bozeman be without Montana State University? We can't even think about that. After losing a bid to become the state capital, Bozeman Montana was issued a land grant located in one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation. Follow this link to your complete guide to ...

Aug 21 2017

City Commission Update August 21st 2017

Midtown Adoption   +   Water & Sewer Rates  The Bozeman City Commission |  Monday August 21 - 6:00 pm City Hall Bozeman Montana #406-59715     The Midtown Bozeman Adoption Adoption of Resolution 4781 - Midtown Bozeman The 2015 Midtown Bozeman Urban Renewal District Plan provided broad goals and strategies ...
Bozeman Duplex

Feb 27 2017

The South 9th Charmer Bozeman

This Bozeman Multifamily duplex is located between the original Bozeman COOP and the Montana State University Campus, this romantic duplex is perfectly walkable. Built in 1946 of solid concrete masonry this charming duplex has been built to last. As nice on the main level, as it is in the basement ...
Livingston Real Estate

Feb 17 2017

Real Estate Inflation and Interest Rates

Inflation is Just One of Rates' Multiple Personalities It used to be that higher inflation meant higher rates, period. That changed abruptly beginning in 2011. Inflation moved higher and rates plummeted. Many investors were puzzled at first, but most grew to accept the new reality. Now, that reality might be changing. ...
Historic Bozeman Montana

Feb 10 2017

Bozeman’s First 12,000 Years

Historic Bozeman | Bozeman's Historic First 12,000 Years Bozeman has a rich historic past. We cover Historic Bozeman, well before Mr. John Bozeman came to town. from Anzick child, Madison Buffalo Jump... and more Historic Bozeman Homes. Circa 10,700 BCE – Anzick child Along with over 100 tools of stone ...
Montana city lifestyle and magazine

Jan 30 2017

City Commission | Monday Jan 30th

Bozeman Demolition... man   +   The City's New Shed   The Bozeman City Commission |  Monday January 30th - 6:00 pm City Hall Bozeman Montana #406-59715   In the City Commission for Monday Jan 30th: Looking to acquire even more property on N Rouse corridor, the City is proposing to ...

Jan 25 2017

Interior Designer Abby Hetherington

Interior Designer Abby Hetherington | In her own words Quotes by Abby Hetherington, from an interview on January 12th at 5 p.m. in her interior design firm’s offices located at the back of The Architect’s Wife in Bozeman. A client said of our design, “Nothing ever matches, but it works ...
Big sky real estate market

Jan 23 2017

City Commission | Monday January 23rd

 Bozeman City Commission  Monday January 23rd - 6:00 pm City Hall Bozeman | Montana  After yet another week off the City Commission returns to City Hall this Monday. The Cliff Notes: There is a N 7th Rehab resolution, FEMA COO Meeting for Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps, and some legislative ...
Bozeman Development

Jan 16 2017

The Death of the Garage Door

Bozeman Development Part I Is the rise of dense urban growth the death of the garage door, or merely the catalyst for the future of the high tech garage door? Is the urban growth that we are currently experiencing just the tip of the iceberg? Stay up to date with Bozeman ...
Montana Real Estate

Jan 9 2017

City Commission | Monday January 9th

 Bozeman City Commission Monday January 9th - EARLY START TIME 5:00 pm City Hall Bozeman | Montana  After several weeks off the City Commission returns to City Hall this Monday to start the 2017 Legislative Session. There are only a handful of development items this go around in the detailed ...
Montana arts and entertainment

Jan 5 2017

World premiere in Bozeman

"If we were all determined to play the first violin we should never have an ensemble. Therefore, respect every musician in his proper place." - Robert Schumann Bozeman Music  |  Ever hear a violin mimic the sound and audio patterns of a flute, a clarinet, or even an entire orchestra? ...
Winters in Montana and the big stories that surround life

Dec 29 2016

Montana’s Ten Biggest Stories of 2016

Yellowstone edition of NatGeo: The May 2016 edition of National Geographic magazine was devoted entirely to Yellowstone National Park: “America’s Wild Idea.” In an aisle at the grocery or at your hometown bookstore’s periodical section, you may have seen the old-script cover, flipped through the edition’s pages, or even read ...
Winter solstice

Dec 21 2016

Winter solstice, an encouraging sign in dark times

Today, December 21st, marks the winter solstice for 2016. The shortest day of the year in Bozeman lasts 8 hours and 40 minutes with sunrise at 8:03 a.m., and sunset occurring at 4:43 p.m. The word solstice derives from Latin, solstitium, meaning 'the Sun stands still'. It’s also commonly described ...
taxation in Montana

Dec 19 2016

Interest Rates Are Going Up

  Let's first get up to speed on the interest rate increases we are seeing in the market, -from US Housing Market Watch, and Leslie Largay of Prime Mortgage- Volatility is back with a vengeance since the election--especially for rates. Just when it looked like things might be calming down, this ...
Montana lifestyle, food and entertainment

Dec 14 2016

All aboard the turmeric steamer

This drink, I can’t get out of my mind. New on North Wallace and somehow always there, Treeline Coffee is a tranquil harbor in this typhoon season. Shopping mayhem got you bruised? Come on in and sit down. Night after night of obligatory events? Settle beside the café’s stamped-tin bar, ...
Best Montana authors

Dec 7 2016

2016’s Best Books by Montana Authors

Today is southwest Montana's first slap of true cold. It’s not the first time the thermometer has ever dipped below zero, not by a landslide, but the first day each year it goes this low it feels that way. Clothing is built in layers; jackets with the big overlap down ...

Nov 29 2016

Gift program a break in Bozeman’s home-ownership clouds

29 Nov 2016 -- In the three weeks since the United States general election, interest rates for home mortgages went up .5%-.65%, according to several local mortgage experts. Since rule of thumb suggests a 1% increase in mortgage rates generally equates to ~$100 increase in the monthly costs to the ...
reconsidering the forest

Nov 22 2016

Reconsidering the forest

“We’re only just beginning to understand nonhuman consciousness…” Man still has much to learn about the world, and maybe the first lesson here should be: Nature can keep a secret. This one, as it turns out, has been right under our feet all along, going back to a time not ...
Montana wild life and the end of 911m

Oct 4 2016

The End of 911M

“Wolves die in two ways, primarily: they are killed by other wolves or they are killed by the prey they are hunting.” Our impromptu roadside speaker was Rick McIntyre, the most devoted of Yellowstone’s parishioners of the wolf, several of whom spend months in the park, coming back year after ...
Fry the steel wheeel

Sep 19 2016

Fry Steel and Wood Works | The New American Aesthetic

Bozeman has always been known for its creative and entrepreneurial community. Artist and Makers turning their hobbies into thriving businesses. Among those is local Russ Fry, founder and owner, of Fry Steel and Wood Works. Over the past 10 years this graphic designer turned furniture designer has built and designed ...
outdoor lifestyle and living in Montana

Sep 12 2016


Last week near Langhor Park, I eyed my first in-town black bear of the fall.  Tall as a mastiff, black coat shiny in the headlights of the truck, he lumbered like an aged football player with a huddled garbage can behind him.  His saunter conveyed no guilt, this bruin had ...
taxation in Montana

Sep 6 2016

Bozeman and the Highway to Tax-Hell

September means…  the school buses circle our neighborhoods again, as parents explore free time anew.  You might even hear a citywide “victorious breath” from yoga practitioners on weekday mornings.  In Bozeman, September means beater trucks and college students return to the southside, while the profs and GTAs have free time ...

Aug 9 2016

Bozeman Vacation Rentals… So, no vilification.

Vilifying, banning, name-calling…  None of this happened during Monday night’s Bozeman City Commission proceeding.  In fairness, only a few of the congregants were seated near a microphone, so there might have been a slur or two uttered off-record.  And the college kids’ renting the house next door—with their sofas out ...
Parking practice in Montana

Jul 18 2016

Parking Practice | Short Term Rental (STR)

Some highlights that we are tracking at the Bozeman City Commission this Monday, July 18th, 6:00 pm, City Hall Bozeman | Montana Strategic Parking | "We're Talking About Practice Man" We ofter wonder why the very nature of Bozeman, being anchored by a prominent university, leads it's the academically minded ...
Bozeman and peer economy

Jul 12 2016

Bozeman meets the Peer Economy… with caution

Not yet handy with “Peer Economy” startups like Zimride, NeighborhoodGoods, Zaarly, Shuddle, and Poshmark?  Me neither, but I have read about the roll-out of urban bike-shares and, this being the middle of 2016, almost every American old enough to dial a smartphone know Uber.  The “ride-sharing” service was Montana legislature-approved ...
Density population in Bozeman

Jun 28 2016

The Great Density Dispute | Lamme ZMA

The Great Density Dispute |City of Bozeman City Commission During Monday night’s Bozeman City Commission meeting, a zoning map amendment for a neighborhood near downtown was on the agenda for the second time in 11 weeks and again drew lots of criticism from the neighborhood. After the commission voted in ...
Montana housing and real estate

Jun 27 2016

Cottage Housing | Lamme ZMA | Law & Justice Project

Some highlights that we are tracking at the City Commission this Monday June 27th 5:30 pm, City Hall Bozeman | Montana  Cottage Housing | The Birth of the Tiny Home in Bozeman? "The City has been working on the issues of infill development and affordable housing for many years. Recently, ...
Budget meeting

Jun 21 2016

City of Bozeman Annual Budget | 2016-2017

Money Money Money |City of Bozeman Annual Budget Led by City Manager Chris Kukulski and Director of Administrative Services Anna Rosenberry, the City of Bozeman staff rolled out the Fiscal Year 2016-2017 annual budget in late May.  (The perhaps-confusing budget title is due to the discussion and ultimate approval that ...
Negotiating real estate

Jun 6 2016

Negotiating in a Real Estate Deal

NEGOTIATING | REAL ESTATE This is where we come in to help make your property shine as it should, and then get you the most money in your pocket. Come to find out that we happen to know a thing or two about selling homes, and selling them fast. We ...
Residential real estate and commercial properties for sale

Jun 6 2016

Marketing a Property in Real Estate, our approach

MARKETING PROPERTY 101 There are a lot of specialized techniques for marketing a property to sell. We begin by preparing the home to sell. That involves several stages of preparation. To see our complete guide click here: Preparing a home to sell We have been taking the best practices from ...
How to price your property for sale in Bozeman, MT and how bozehome can help

Jun 6 2016

Pricing a Property to Sell

PRICING PROPERTY There are many factors that determine the value or price of a property. Our Comparative Market Analysis considers a variety of factors including but not limited to recent sales, active listings, current housing conditions, and market research and trends. Ultimately, it is a seller that determines the list ...
Cannery commission

Jun 6 2016

Cannery District Resolution | Pub 317 Expansion | Oak Street Improvement Project

Some highlights that we are tracking at the City Commission this Monday, June 6th, 6:00 pm, City Hall Bozeman | Montana  Cannery District Resolution | A petition has been received from Cannery District Partners, LLC (applicant), to discontinue the street and alley rights-of-way within the proposed Cannery District Planned Unit Development ...
Arts, food and lifestyle in Montana

May 23 2016

Beer + Fried Chicken | The Lark 2.1 | Gallatin Triangle Planning Study

Beer + Fried Chicken | The Lark 2.1 | Gallatin Triangle Planning Study   Think Tank Architects Some highlights that we are tracking at the City Commission this Monday May 23 6:00 pm, City Hall Bozeman Montana  Beer + Chicken | The applicant proposes to add the sales of alcohol for on-premise ...
City of Bozeman

May 16 2016

City Commission Spotlight | 5-16-16

The Path To The M | Transportation Master Plan Update | ADU Approvals Some rather minor changes are happening this at the City Commission this Monday, May 16 Path to the M- Resolution 4484 approved the allocation of Trails, Open Space and Parks (TOP) bond funding up to an amount ...
Architectural real estate and movement in today's world

May 10 2016

Recent Architectural Closings in Montana

TBD River Road, Bozeman Montana 7.4 Acre River Property Bozeman Montana Recently I was approached in regards to representing some highly design-minded buyers that interested in building modern architecture on a swift-moving body of water in the Gallatin Valley. Think A River Runs Through It, only this time Brad Pitt ...
Rock Creek property in Montana

May 2 2016

Rock Creek Runs Through It in Red Lodge Montana

The Rock Creek Retreat 6504 US 212 Red Lodge, Montana  3 Bed | 3 Bath | .75 +/- Acres  Offered at $850,000.00 Rock Creek Runs Through It! A once in a lifetime opportunity to own a property that Rock Creek. Just north of the scenic Beartooth highway pass. This property ...
Midtown Montana

Apr 29 2016

Bozeman Commission Agenda Highlights | 5-2-2016

Hashtag Midtown- The BozeHome City Commission Spotlight | 5-02-16  Hang on to your seats Bozeman, there is a lot of change happening at the City Commission this Monday, May 2 (deuce de mayo). We have all been paying attention to the rezoning efforts to the Midtown district, which runs along ...
76 little rock creek Nye Montana

Apr 22 2016

76 Little Rocky Creek Nye Montana

The Stillwater Retreat Nye, Montana Unmatched tranquility and endless views encompass this amazing 40-acre retreat on Little Rocky Creek with private Stillwater River access. A timeless and unique property, the Stillwater Retreat features three structures, designed by some of the area’s most talented artists and craftsmen.  4 Bed | 4 ...
Will Hunter

Apr 16 2016

Will Hunter, a New Opening At Theory

The Man Show | "Icons of Masculinity" 802 N Wallace, Suite B, Bozeman MT Last night bozehome was in the house (Theory Hair Salon to be exact) for the opening of artist Will Hunters new works titled "icons of masulinity". This manly exhibit was a great display of Will's most ...
Midtown Bozeman Montana zoning map

Apr 1 2016

Midtown Bozeman’s Zoning Updates

Here is what we at BozeHome are taking note of at the upcoming Midtown Bozeman Zoning Text and Map Amendments hearing scheduled for 4-11-2016. This is a great opportunity for the city to increase density, and further contain the current suburban sprawl that we are witnessing on the west side of the ...
Nye Montana property

Mar 25 2016

A True Mountain Estate in Nye Montana

The Classic Mountain Estate | Nye, Montana  4 Bed | 2 Bath | 20 +/- Acres  Offered at $1,495,000.00 Absolute- Amazing- Unobstructed views embrace this exclusive mountain top retreat. Carefully positioned on over 21 lush acres, this private estate is unmatched in expansive breathtaking views. The Architectural composition, and interior detailing ...
Bozeman Commission Goal Meeting

Mar 21 2016

Bozeman Commission Agenda Highlights | 3-21-2016

The BozeHome City Commission Spotlight | 3-21-16 Here is what we at BozeHome are taking note of at the upcoming Bozeman City Commission meetings for 3-21-2016. This Monday the City Commissioners and staff met to discuss several items on the docket. Of the eleven consent items to be approved several are ...
Midtown Montana

Mar 7 2016

Bozeman Commission Agenda Highlights | 3-07-2016

The BozeHome City Commission Spotlight Here is what we at BozeHome are taking note of at the upcoming Bozeman City Commission meetings for 3-07-2016. This Monday the City Commissioners and staff met to discuss several items on the docket. Of the eleven consent items to be approved several are related to ...
Bozeman Commission Goal Meeting

Mar 3 2016

The City of Bozeman’s 2016-2017 Goals

This Monday the City Commissioners and staff met to discuss the city's goals.  "Reduce the number of priorities and rank said priorities to realistically match our resources for 2016 and 2017." City Commission 2016-2017 Goals and Priority Setting
Montana city lifestyle and magazine

Feb 29 2016

Special Bozeman Commission Agenda Highlights: 2-29-2016

Here is what we at BozeHome are taking note of at the upcoming Bozeman City Commission meetings for 2-29-2016. Special presentation: City Commission 2016-2017 Goals and Priority Setting (Kukulski). The goal of this meeting is to reduce the number of priorities and rank said priorities to realistically match the Cit'y resources for ...
Bozeman Realtors

Feb 22 2016

Bozeman Commission Agenda Highlights: 2-22-2016

Here is what we at BozeHome are taking note of at the upcoming City Commission meetings for 2-22-2016. Final Adoption of the Stucky Road Zone Map Amendment to Establish PLI, for 11.663 acres at 4330 Sourdough Rd. Resolution 4671 amending the Fiscal Year 2016 (FY16) Northeast Urban Renewal Tax Increment ...



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